American Crate All Star Sim Series

Live at 9:00c/10:00e every Wednesday on SRTV Network

SRTV Network-  Watch Live On Facebook 

Open Setup- 40/50 Lap Features, Incident Limit 10x, 1 Quick Fix,

Heats, 2 B- Mains and Feature

Gates Open 8:30c / 9:30e

Race Director- John Etheridge

League Rules  -   Points Structure and Bonuses

Winter 2020 Champion- Hayden Cardwell


  • New Season sign ups start May 1 2020
  • Cars signed up so far 60 out of 60
  • First come first serve contact up asap to sign up! 
  • 40$ per car, max 4 cars

Partners of the Allstar Series!


American Crate All Star Sim Pro Late Model Series!

This series is the premier series of the Monsters of Dirt!

The American Crate All-Star Series is a crate late model touring series based in East Tennessee. They have partnered with us and very graciously sponsored this series! This is their official sim series and on Sundays we help them out with their real driver series on the sim! Check them out live! Check them out on Sunday's and for sure check out this series on Wednesday's with the best of the best on dirt on the sim! 

To race in this series you will need to own your car or you will need to race for a team owner! Teams may have a max of 4 cars.

This series will be officiated tighter than ever and problem drivers will not last. All team owners will have a equal say in how the series moves forward. 

This is the MOD's attempt at taking this sim racing fun to an even more realistic real world feel! Having the same owners and drivers week in and week out will help us sell sponsorship and grow this series to be huge!

We will sell  60 cars and go from there! As always 100% of $$$ goes back into the series in payouts!  There are no refunds! Don't purchase a car or sponsor if your not one hundred percent in! 

We will use MOD league rules!


  1. Owner will choose number and will own number until no longer a owner!
  2. Owners will own the cars for the full 10 week season and will be able to retain cars for 30$ per season. (40$ for new owners)
  3. Owners will collect all owner and weekly winnings and will pay drivers what they work out with their driver. 
  4. Team owners may sell teams during the season.
  5. All cars are guaranteed to race and this series will be a separate league on
  6. All teams should have drivers and back up drivers. We will set up all races based off of owned cars. Lack of attendance will not be tolerated.
  8. The only stipulation of owning a car is not being a nuisance and buying your car! After that you are a representation of the MOD! Please act that way and be promoter of our series!
  9. The only ways a owner will loose ownership will be by lack of attendance, or causing too many problems.
  10. These are league teams. Hopefully this doesn't cause conflicts with your full time teams because it shouldn't!
  11. May have up to 20 teams in the league but hopefully that's not the case!
  12. Drivers must leave the team or sit out for a week to change to another number on the team!
  13. We will not get in between drivers and owners unless its detrimental to our league. Handle your issues yourself. 


  1. Drivers may be suspended for conduct detrimental to the league!
  2. Drivers may race if they own a car or drive for a owner!
  3. There will be many pro drivers racing in this series! This series will give you the opportunity to race with the best every week! Simply buy your ride or find a owner and earn your ride. We race 6 other series weekly. If your winning they will notice you!
  4. Drivers must leave the team or sit out for a week to change to another number on the team!
  5. We will not get in between drivers and owners unless its detrimental to our league. Handle your issues yourself. 
  6. Fill in drivers must drive car number they are filling in for.
  7. Fill in drivers can fill in for any team that needs them!
  8. Out of control rage will be met with suspension (voted on by owners as to how severe) and a automatic disqualification from the race and 0 points for the driver and the car.
  9. SRTV has to have your iracing id# and a picture representing you, can be you, can be bart simpson(if you don't send a pic of  yourself make sure nobody else is using the same pic).  10pt penalty per race until you send it in!
  10. To collect your winnings at the end of the event you must pass tech. If you dont have the MOD logo, Checker & Wreckers logo, All Star Series Logo, Series team name and correct number on the car. (Strict Enforcement start week- 4)
  11. Practice before the start of a event- You may run no more than 15 laps. If you do run more than 15 laps you will receive automatic EOL in your Heat Race.

DRIVER POINTS-  Will use MOD points & bonuses

  1. Accumulated drivers points from 10 race weeks!
  2. Drivers can compete for drivers title no matter whose car they drive or what team it is for!
  3. Drivers will collected Driver Points fund not owners!

OWNERS POINTS- Will use MOD points & bonuses

  1. Owners car # will compete for owners points championship!
  2. This will be a separate points standings!
  3. Teams may change numbers but the points will not transfer. 


  1. To enter the Team Points competition your team must have 3 cars.
  2. Only the top-3 finishers will count toward your teams points.
  3. Each of your top-3 finishers points will be accumulated each week!
  5. Mid Season Championship is double points!

Payouts and buy in!

As all know MOD is not a league for profit! We put all back into the league and league costs. 

Once all cars are sold half of car sales will go to the points payout and half to weekly points payout!

Driver Points payout 

  1. 200$
  2. 100$
  3. 75$
  4. 50$
  5. 25$

Owners (car #) Points payout

  1. 200$
  2. 100$
  3. 75$
  4. 50$
  5. 25$

Team Points payout

  1. 100$
  2. 50$

Weekly payout 

  1. 50$
  2. 30$
  3. 20$

Weekly payouts work like this! Owners can collect the money or defer it to the driver!

The top 3 cars will take a top 3 picture at the end of the race which is mandatory. In order to collect the prize money the car must have the correct car #, correct league team name, all star logo, Monsters of Dirt logo! If these 4 items are not correct on your car you will not receive winnings!

Thanks to AC2 Skinz for all our logos and so many of our wraps! Anthony also does all our point standings! Hit him up for a wrap or logo!

To buy a car follow the link below. When purchasing make sure to state how many cars your buying and what numbers you want.

40$ for car and 2$ for paypal fees 

for the full 10 week Summer 2020 season! 


Buy your car!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

42$ a car ! Max 4 cars per owner!