Code of Conduct

  1. Race Clean (If you don't you wont last long)
  2. Good sportsmanship is a must. 
  3. You must understand the simple rules of racing.
  4. If you are a vicious driver or personality please exit the league!
  5. Race your car and focus on racing not officiating!
  6. New members must respect the league and the drivers who have been here.
  7. If your a kid and we let you in the league you better race with maturity and respect the league full of men. We will not put up with anyone acting like a child. 
  8. Keep the mic open for admins and drivers that are racing(we will mute you)
  9. Harassing league admins will be cause to boot you from the league! Especially if its on their personal time. (There are no refunds of your membership when this occurs) There is ways to approach issues without name calling and threats. 
  10. If you think that threating that your going to quit or that your group is quitting will make a difference in any issue you can definitely expect a 1 week suspension! 

In Race Rules


  1. No bickering over the mic(quick emotion is understandable. Carrying on too much may lead to you being removed from the race)
  2. Cautions for Mains only and are all are automatic.
  3. 10x incident limit and one quick fix
  4. If you are involved in a single car or small multi car crash that does not receive a caution you will be expected to get your car going asap and clear the track.
  5. If you cause a caution on purpose you will be given a 1 lap black flag and possibly removed from the race.
  6. If you spin or come to a stop during an accident that causes a caution you will be expected to fall to the back no matter what iracing is telling you. 
  7. If you receive a black flag from the race director you can challenge it but once the  challenge is confirmed you must go to the back of the pack or be disqualified. (Be a grown up about it and race on)
  8. All races start on the leader, pace truck must be off of the track and you must keep a steady pace! Blacks will be given for jack rabbit starts.
  9. If you exit the pits and wreck someone you will be disqualified immediately and face possible multi race suspension!
  10. Black flags will not be cleared (If you challenge the black the admin will watch the replay and make a decision, it will have to be crystal clear that you should not of gotten it, otherwise the black will stick).
  11.  Your ping must be under 200 to start a race!
  12.  If you are disqualified from multiple races during a short time span you may be removed from the league!
  13.  It will be up to the race control to go single file or not after the 3rd caution!
  14. We are broadcasted on many networks. Do not embarrass the league. We will not let one driver give us a bad reputation.
  15. Wall riding will be given a warning and then will be a black flag. DQ possible.
  16. The leader may choose lane in which to start the race and if a black flag is caused we will clear it. 
  17. The pace truck must be off the track and the leader must fire coming out of turn 4. If you jump the start you will be given a black flag.
  18. If 2nd place beats the leader to the line he will be given a black unless it is determined the leader fired and let off the gas.
  19. If you send someone without disregard for the rest of the competitors and yourself. You will be parked for 2 weeks. We do not want to see guys loosing it and going after guys without regard to the fact that there are many racers not involved in your skirmish and they shouldn't get their night ruined by something like this.
  20. All Feature incident points will be deducted off of your points total!
  21.  If you leave a lobby after you have made the Feature you will be suspended for 1 week without legit reason! 
  22. If we catch you staying in the gas after a caution has been thrown we may black flag or even disqualify you. Get off the gas!
  23. Winners of two feature in a row will be given eol if the driver makes the next feature.
  24. After race contact will be cause for a DQ and a possible loss of all points for the night. We race with incident points on and they are a deduction in points. If you destroy someone after the line and they get disqualified for to many incident points it will cost them positions as well as points. It better be a accident if it happens from here forward.
  25. If you take someone out and it's your fault expect the following.

  1.  Take someone out with a blatant dumb move you will be given a 1 lap black. Your next penalty will be DQ no matter what.  (Dumb moves include driving through guys when there is no room. Wrecking a driver that has given you the lane only to still get wrecked. Ect.) At this point a 2nd offense of any kind will be automatic DQ from the event!
  2.  Accidents will still be an EOL.  The 2nd offense will be a 1 lap black for racing incident. 2nd offense will get you a DQ if it's a dumb move that ruins a drivers race.
  3. 3 incidents in one race that is your fault will be auto DQ and a 1 week MOD suspension.                


We love to race also and always want to be just a driver when we are racing! So for us to enjoy what we do since we don't race other leagues is to do this!

1. Before every race Heats/Mains one of the admins will be deemed the race director and will be called out to the room. The race director cannot be in car and has to be in tower ready to make replay decisions. We have 15 admins that are very trusted guys that make solid decisions. If there are not any non driving admins in a race the series director of that series will be forced to park his car and be the Race Control for the good of the league! 

2. All race control calls can be challenged in a mature way after the race and if we messed up we will do all we can to make it right!

3. All admins will admin without favoritism and will make the calls to the best of their judgment!



1st: 65    2nd: 63    3rd: 61    4th: 59    5th: 57    6th: 55    7th: 53    8th: 51    9th: 49    10th: 47    11th: 46    12th: 45    13th: 44    14th: 43    15th: 42      16th: 41   17th: 40    18th: 39    19th: 38    20th: 37    21st: 36    22nd: 35    23rd: 34    24th: 33    25th: 32  


Asphalt same as above except   26th: 31    27th: 30    28th: 29    29th: 28

                                                    30th: 27    31st: 26    32nd: 25



POLE- 1pt 



1pt penalty for every incident in the feature!