This is a racing league for IRacing sim racers! This league is a league of drivers of all ages from all over the country and a few from abroad! This league is for Monsters of Dirt and not soft skinned drama queens. We race fair, we race really hard and the competition is really stiff. But we race with respect! This season we are running 8 series over five days per week! We welcome new drivers all season long with a one time league buy in of 10$ during the off season and 20$ during a season. The buy in is a one time fee and the only mandatory cost you will ever have in the league.  All league drivers may race any series they want as much as they want in the main league! We have drivers battling for championships in each series and we have drivers who show up when they can. You will always race against big car counts in this league and are welcome to race when you can where you can! There are no attendance restrictions. Just race clean and hard when you do race!  The first 60 registered each race get to race so always register for the race as soon as the lobby opens! We are listed on the IRacing league page on  if you want to sign up(Sign up after paying one time league entry fee)! Besides our many league races we do random cash races, big events, and a ton of online public lobbies. Join our Facebook page to keep track of daily and weekly league activities. We love racing and do this to give us a fun and realistic racing experience with friends. Enjoy!


Winter 2020 Season

The Winter 2020 Season will kick off January 5th with Slide Job Sunday and will run for 13 weeks!

We have multiple admins running their own series this season and are always looking for more series hosts that want to run series that are not on the MOD schedule We have many trusted admins that will help each race director with their series! There may be over 10 admins in a single race lobby to keep everything as fair as possible. Admins are in discord and communicate about every decision. We do our best but don't claim to be perfect. If you are the type to blast us on social media over a call that doesn't go your way please do not join our league. We are here to be fair and race fair and never would purposely give ourselves or others an advantage or disadvantage. This is how we have built over a 600 member league roster and have spread to a 1700 member group! Please keep all issues in house on the Monsters of Dirt page and we can work it out and get to the bottom of your complaint! Race hard, race clean, and have fun!


Our Cash League is for members only and  is 10$ to buy in per season! YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO JOIN THE CASH LEAGUE! Once bought in you are eligible for the  cash league race each week! You will be eligible for all cash, prizes and points funds for all series once you enter. You cannot win money in the MOD if you are not a member of the cash league! We gave away over 4000$ during our first two cash league seasons! So its well worth it! So join in asap! The more that sign up the more we give away! 100% goes back to the payout!


Check out all 8 of our series!


Social Media


Monsters of Dirt Discord Link

Monsters of Dirt Facebook Group


Maniac Mondays is broadcasted live by CC&LJ!

The Crate Escape Tuesday is broadcasted live by SRTV!

Wicked Wednesday All Star Pro Late Models are broadcasted live by SRTV!

Slide Job Sunday is broadcasted live by SRTV

E3 UMP fixed Modified series is broadcasted live by UltimateDirtTV

Pricks of Pavement Saturday broadcasted live by CWTV!

Check out Checkers & Wreckers! Plenty of racing talk and weekly interviews with different Monsters of Dirt weekly winners and drivers!

Also check out Black & White Sports!

GTR  Simulator


Twisted Motorsports Slide Job Sunday!

JIR Motorsports 305 Winged Sprint Car Series! 

Live on SRTV Network at 7:00c/8:00e

Twisted Motorsports Slide Job Sunday!

JIR Motorsports 360 Winged Sprint Car Series! 

Live on SRTV Network at 8:30c/9:30e


Ryan Ray Plumbing Street Stock Series

Live on CC&LJ at 8:00c/9:00e 

Tuesday Night Crate Escape!

Dark Horse Motorsport Limited Late Models!

Live on SRTV Network at 8:00c/9:00e

IRACINGIFLAG Wicked Wednesday!

Checkers & Wreckers All Star Pro Late Models! Live on SRTV Network at 8:00c/9:00e

Saturday Night Fights!

E3 Construction Material UMP Series!

Live on UltimateDirtTv at 8:00c/9:00e

Saturday Night Fights! SK Modified Series!

Live on Checker & Wreckers at 10:00c/11:00e

Saturday Night Fights! Super Late Model Series!

Live on Checker & Wreckers at 10:00c/11:00e