10$ to enter the 13 week Winter 2020 Cash League!

Join in and cash in!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

To get into the over 1000$ in winnings this season get into the cash league for only 10$! This covers all 7 series and all payouts for the season! 

In two cash league seasons the MOD and our sponsors have given away over 4000$! 

All payouts are paid the night of the race through paypal!

Drivers who have up the ante!

Cash League!


10$ buy you into all of the Winter2020 cash league races and championship prizes! You may always race for free but if you finish in the money the highest finishing cash league driver behind you will collect your winnings! (Must be a league member to be in the cash league)

The Cash League puts up a cash league race for 2 random series a week!

Sponsors come in an add to the pot or sponsor a  separate race! All cash races and all winnings in the MOD are through the Cash League!

Given away this season - 

Drivers (Career Winnings)


2019 Winnings- 4055.00$

2020 Winnings- 

  1. Hayden Cardwell(+255)
  2. Evan Seay (+230$)
  3. Cory Whitworth(+205$)
  4. Aaron Brumbeloe (+160)
  5. Jason McConnell (+155$)
  6. Zack McSwain (+155$)
  7. Bailey Hipp (+150$)
  8. Dylan Thomas (+130$)
  9. Brandyn Proudfoot (+120$)
  10. Mookie Haney (+110$)
  11. Dylan Wilson (+100$)
  12. Jaime Reid (+115$)
  13. Barrett Bishop (+100$)
  14. Devon Morgan (+85$)
  15. Dylan Houser (+80$)
  16. Daniel Cummings (70$)
  17. Travis Card (+65$)
  18. AL Balducci
  19. Kyle Gondek (+60$)
  20. Rod Tucker (+60$)
  21. Blake Brown (+60$)
  22. Justin Lawson2 (+55$)
  23. J.D Brown (+55$)
  24. Kevin Dedmon (+55$)
  25. Austin Anderson(+50$)
  26. Jarrett Murphy (+50$)
  27. Robert Schaeffer (+40$)
  28. Drew Hopkins (+40$)
  29. Tyler Shell (+40$)
  30. Joshua Gayman (+50$)
  31. Cody Howard (+35$)
  32. Lucas Chowning (+35$)
  33. Robert Fletcher (+30$)
  34. DJ Kilanowski(+25$)
  35. Conner Wilson (+25$)
  36. Cole Henriksen (+25$) 
  37. Jesse Johnsrud2 (+25$)
  38. Cline Everhart (25$)
  39. Davin Cardwell (+25$)
  40. Bryce Bailey (+25$)
  41. Blake Murray (+25$)
  42. Dillon Crook (+20$)
  43. Kyle Stoltz (+20$)
  44. Calvin Herring (+20$)
  45. RobbieSatterfield(+20$)
  46. Jordan Casey(+20$)
  47. Brayton Wallace (+15$)
  48. Dustin Helms (+15$)
  49. Daniel Stiffler (+10$)
  50. Brandon Pittman (+10$)
  51. Tyler Jackson (+10$)
  52. Ryan Underwood (+10$)
  53. Dylan Petty (+10$)
  54. Bailey Cardwell (+10$)
  55. Alex Breuer (+10$)
  56. David Breuer (+10$)
  57. Trevor Throne (+10$)
  58. Ernie Williams Jr (+10$)

Fall 2019 Season


Bought in Drivers for the Winter 2020 Cash League- 

  1. John Etheridge              
  2. Anthony Caudill            
  3. Brooks Trammell
  4. Tyler Jackson

Break down of optional Cash League


Want to win money this season?

We are giving away money this season for championships, big league races, and big events! But we are changing the way we do payouts.  We have plans for several hundred dollars in payouts this season! Which will only grow with each donation as we invest 100% right back into the league! Buy in is 10$. You are not required to donate per series! It is a one time 10$ buy in! This covers the entire season and all series! 

How do you win money?

You must buy in to the Cash League for 10$! Once you buy in for 10$ you are eligible to win money in any Fall 2019 payout races, and championships! Our payouts will be top-3 finishers and we will throw random draws in so everybody has a shot to win money in the money events!  All payouts are the drivers choice. Either paypal or iracing cash! 10$ per season not per series. Once your in the cash league there is no other costs for the season!

What if I choose not to participate?

You will not be eligible for any cash prizes! But you will still be eligible to race as always! If you should finish in the money your prize will be given to the next eligible bought in driver down to 5th position. If there are no eligible drivers in the top 5 to claim the prize the prize will go back into the pot for the next payout! You will not be treated any different if you just race for fun!

How do I sign up?

Pay 10$ to the PayPal button! Make sure you state that your ois for your Fall 2019 season buy in and make sure you state your name you use on IRacing! You also can be specific as what series you would like to see your money go! You can also talk to John Etheridge about sending IRacing cash instead! If you are new to the league your one time membership buy in does not count towards the cash league!

Buy in time limits!

To win money in the championship payouts you must be bought in before the end of the Mid Season Championship week! To win money in cash races you must be bought in before Qualifying starts for any cash event!