50/50 Cash League!!

Join in and cash in! Members Only!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

To get into and MOD winnings this season you must be in the cash league for only 10$! You must be a MOD member to join the cash league!

This covers 8 dirt series and all payouts for the season!

The first 3 cash league season have paid out over 6k to our drivers! 

All payouts are always paid the night of race!



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Buy extra spots to up your chances of winning the many random draws this season! The number you buy in at is your  number for the draw! We draw until it hits a winner in the race lobby for all draws this season all live on webcam on discord!

Cash League!

Drivers (Career Winnings)

Drivers (Career Winnings)


Summer 2020  50/50 Cash League- 

All Winners of Cash League races this season will receive 25$(If the winner is not in the cash league they will win a spot in the cash league instead of the 25$) and we will do a live draw for 25$ each race! (You must be in the race to win, and we will roll until it hits on a driver in the lobby!) So everyone has a chance to win! 

This is going to be a fun new twist to the cash league!

You may buy in additional 5 times for 5$ each additional buy in!

  1. Joey Reeder
  2. John Etheridge
  3. Anthony Caudill
  4. Corey Austin
  5. Michael Winkles
  6. Christopher Berger
  7. Steve Robbins
  8. Blake Bentley
  9. Cameron Cason
  10. Jacob Todd
  11. Kyle Weisenberger
  12. Randy Cornwell
  13. Jacob Harris
  14. Jonathan Lampman
  15. Brooks Trammell
  16. Drew Hopkins
  17. Robert Tucker
  18. Clifford Driskel
  19. Cline Everhart
  20. Anthony Caudill(5$)
  21. John Etheridge(5$)
  22. Blake Murray
  23. Randy Cornwell(5$)
  24. Randy Cornwell(5$)
  25. Brandon Yamrick
  26. Jarrett Murphy
  27. Jeremy Ogle
  28. Jeremy Ogle(5$)
  29. Grant Parr
  30. Dylan Wilson
  31. Jason Merschdorf
  32. Adam Holbert
  33. Alex Holbert
  34. Kevin Kauffman
  35. Donnie Gibson
  36. Adam Holbert(5$)
  37. Alex Holbert(5$)
  38. Rodney Shockley
  39. David Clymer
  40. Jamie Reid
  41. Daniel Powell
  42. Ryan McCaul
  43. Christopher Berger(5$)
  44. Shane Hawkinson
  45. Shane Hawkinson(+5$)
  46. Davin Cardwell
  47. Dominic Weinkauf
  48. Jeremy Long
  49. Calvin Herring
  50. Ryan Underwood
  51. Cole Harvey
  52. Hunter Poston
  53. Brad Dyer
  54. Eric Zuelzke
  55. Wes Malone
  56. Gene Wolf
  57. Adam Scalia
  58. Anthony Caudill(5$)
  59. John Etheridge(5$)
  60. Josh Vinci
  61. Derrick Smith
  62. Evan Honaker
  63. Jonathon  Howlett
  64. Mark Schnichels
  65. Dustin Seizmore
  66. Christopher Wade
  67. Dexter Morgan
  68. Brandon Gibbs
  69. Brandon Gibbs(5$)
  70. Brandon Gibbs(5$)
  71. Coty Slawson
  72. Rodney Shockley
  73. Rodney Shockley(5$)
  74. Rodney Shockley(5$)
  75. Jesse Wall

Drivers (Career Winnings)

Drivers (Career Winnings)

Drivers (Career Winnings)


l2019 Winnings- 4135.00$

2020 Winnings- 4325.00$

2020 All Stars- 2590.00$

  1. Evan Seay (+905$)
  2. Hayden Cardwell (+895$)
  3. Zack McSwain (+550$)
  4. Bailey Hipp (+450$)
  5. Sean Stevens(+330)
  6. Dylan Houser (+305$)
  7. Devon Morgan (+305$)
  8. Tyler Burrow (+300$)
  9. Rod Tucker (+280$)
  10. Cory Whitworth(+235$)
  11. Dylan Wilson (+215$)
  12. J.D Brown (+185$)
  13. Aaron Brumbeloe(+160$)
  14. Davin Cardwell (+160$)
  15. Jason McConnell (+155$)
  16. Brandyn Proudfoot (+145$)
  17. Jaime Reid (+140$)
  18. Dylan Thomas (+130$)
  19. Barrett Bishop (+125$)
  20. Kevin Dedmon (+125$)
  21. Alex Smolders (+120$)
  22. Jordan Casey(+115$)
  23. Mookie Haney (+110$)
  24. Blake Matjoulis (+100$)
  25. Matthew Everts(100$)
  26. Bryce Bailey (+95$)
  27. Tyler Jackson(+85$)
  28. Blake Brown (+80$)
  29. Daniel Cummings(70$)
  30. Jake Froemeke(+70$)
  31. Travis Card (+65$)
  32. Al Balducci(+65$)
  33. Shad Prescott(+65$)
  34. Garrett NieBruegge(+65$)
  35. Kyle Gondek (+60$)
  36. Justin Lawson2 (+55$)
  37. Austin Anderson(+50$)
  38. Jarrett Murphy(+50$)
  39. Joshua Gayman (+50$)
  40. Austin Carr (+50$)
  41. Justin Riggsbee (+50$)
  42. Robbie Satterfield(+50$)
  43. Robert Schaeffer (+40$)
  44. Drew Hopkins (+40$)
  45. Tyler Shell (+40$)
  46. Cody Howard (+35$)
  47. Lucas Chowning (+35$)
  48. Robert Fletcher (+30$)
  49. Christopher Berger(+30$)
  50. Caleb Ramsey(+30$)
  51. DJ Kilanowski(+25$)
  52. Conner Wilson (+25$)
  53. Cole Henriksen (+25$) 
  54. Jesse Johnsrud2 (+25$)
  55. Alex Holbert (+25$)
  56. Cline Everhart (+25$)
  57. Blake Murray (+25$)
  58. Christopher Berger(+25$)
  59. Cole Harvey(+25$)
  60.  Wes Malone (+25$)
  61. Blake Bentley(+25$)
  62. William Yaeger(+25$)
  63. Dillon Crook (+20$)
  64. Kyle Stoltz (+20$)
  65. Calvin Herring (+20$)
  66. Blake  Depinet (20$)
  67. Tyler Schell(20$)
  68. Brayton Wallace (+15$)
  69. Dustin Helms (+15$)
  70. Brycen Daffern (+15$)
  71. Daniel Stiffler (+10$)
  72. Brandon Pittman (+10$)
  73. Ryan Underwood (+10$)
  74. Dylan Petty (+10$)
  75. Bailey Cardwell (+10$)
  76. Alex Breuer (+10$)
  77. David Breuer (+10$)
  78. Trevor Throne (+10$)
  79. Ernie Williams Jr (+10$)
  80. Randall Carter(+10$)

Cash League Schedule

Drivers (Career Winnings)

Cash League Schedule


Summer 2020 Cash league races!

25$ Winner   -  25$ Random

Payouts can go up depending on sign ups!

May 19th- Limited Lates (Knoxville)

Winner- Jamie Reid- 25$

Random- Christopher Berger - 25$

May 20th- Bombers (Limaland)

Winner- Blake Bentley- 25$

Random- Wes Malone- 25$

May 26th- Midgets (Eldora)

Winner- William Yeager- Cash League 

Random- Cole Harvey- 25$

May 27- Pro Lates(fixed) (Lanier)

Winner- William Yeager- 25$

Random- Alex Holbert- 25$

June 2nd- 305 Sprints (Volusia)

June 3rd- Pro Lates(fixed) (USA)

June 9th- 360 Sprints (Fairbury)

June 10th- Super Street Stocks (Volusia)

June 16th- Super Lates (Charlotte)

June 17th- Bombers (Lernerville)

June 23rd- Limited Lates (Chilibowl)

June 24th- Super Street Stocks (WilliamsGrove)

June 30th- 305 Sprints (Kokomo)

July 1st- Pro Lates(fixed) (Lanier)

July 7th- Midgets (USA)

July 8th- Pro Lates(fixed) (Eldora)

July 14th- Super Lates (Lernerville)

July 15th- Bombers (Charlotte)

July 21st- Limited Lates (Limaland)

July 21st- 360 Sprints (Limaland)

Break down of optional 50/50 Cash League


Want to win money this season?

We are giving away money this season for championships, big league races, and big events! But we are changing the way we do payouts.  We have plans for several hundred dollars in payouts this season! Which will only grow with each donation as we invest 100% right back into the league! Buy in is 10$. You are not required to donate per series! It is a one time 10$ buy in! This covers the entire season and all series! 

How do you win money?

All new 50/50 cash league-

All cash league races will pay a minimum of 25$ to win and a random draw winner will win 25$ minimum(the random winner will always be a equal payout to the winner). Payouts can grow even more with sponsors!

We will keep drawing live on webcam on discord until it hits a driver in the lobby this season! 

As always 100% of the cash league money buy ins will payout to the Cash League! So the more buy ins the more Cash League races we will have! 


What if I choose not to participate?

You will not be eligible for any cash prizes! But you will still be eligible to race as always! If you should finish in the money you will not collect the prize! You will not be treated any different if you just race for fun!

How do I sign up?

Pay 10$ to the PayPal button! Make sure you state that your payment is for the Winter 2020 cash league season buy in and make sure you state your name you use on IRacing!   If you are new to the league your one time membership buy in does not count towards the cash league!

Buy in time limits!

To win money in the championship payouts you must be bought in before the end of week 4! To win money in cash races you must be bought in before Qualifying starts for any cash event!

The Live Random Draw

Make sure that you are in the MOD discord to watch the draw each night!

The draw will be done on

So if there is 80 entries we push in 0/80 into the randomizer and then we will ask a random driver how many spins to spin the randomizer. The final winning number will determine the winner. The driver must be in the lobby so if it does not hit we will spin again and again until a driver in the lobby wins! 

All live on webcam on Discord!